Nurix discovers drugs that harness the body’s natural process to control protein levels. Our drugs control ubiquitin E3 ligases, the key enzymes responsible for protein breakdown in human cells, as a unique therapeutic approach to treat a broad range of diseases. Our focus is on developing drugs to treat cancer including novel, small molecule immuno-oncology agents.

Dysregulated and/or mutated proteins are at the core of the development and progression of nearly every human disease. The levels of both normal and disease-associated proteins are controlled by the ubiquitin system as a natural process the body uses to maintain normal function of the cell. Manipulation of the ubiquitin system and its component E3 ligases to control protein levels could alter the outcome of many diseases, which has led to our intensive focus on developing drugs that modulate this class of previously hard-to-drug enzymes.

Nurix has leveraged its deep E3 ligase expertise to develop two complementary platforms that either inhibit ligases or harness ligases to control target protein levels. The breadth in scope of Nurix’s discovery platforms, powered by proprietary DNA-encoded libraries and screening capabilities, differentiates Nurix from other companies developing therapies that target protein degradation.


The ability to either inhibit ligases or harness ligases to control target protein levels in cells is the foundation of Nurix technology.